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Review by Kirby C.

A couple of days ago, I found myself with a couple of charged stick packs, and my friend's Electric Rustler. I had to try it. Turning- It turns predictably both on power and off, with a wider arc on power. It isn't fancy, but is very solid, perfect for a beginner to practice with. It doesn't have many tuning adjustments to be able to change it's handling.


Acceleration- The rustler accelerates well, even with the gear ratio adjusted for a higher top speed. You can easily add a couple of teeth to the pinion gear. If your pack is relatively fresh, you can slam the truck from forward to reverse, and be able to wheelie with it. If the pack is freshly peaked, you can wheelie over, onto your lid in the grass. Also, on woodchips, this truck throws a violent rooster tail with it's stock tires, making me, a guy who's been in the hobby for a while, go 'Ahhhhh!' Jumping- My favorite part. It needs a few adjustments to be perfect. Right away, stick the biggest pre-load spacers on the front shocks. The truck wants to nose-dive off of jumps, and you can't move the battery to make up for it. Also, you will want to refill the shocks, and bleed them properly, as they are only about half filled.


In the air, it is slow reacting, but that makes it easier to learn on. You need to either soften up the rear end or stiffen up the front, since it nose-dives off of jumps out of the box. I was able to get about 4 feet of air Max out of the rustler, but that's plenty for a beginner's truck. Durability- Nothing serious. I did blow off a shock cap of a jump, landing on my front tires, but I simply just topped off the shock and went on my way. When jumping, I have discovered that if you land on the motor mount a few times, the motor will slide out of alignment with the pinion gear. This has happened in both the rustler and the stampede in my experience. Just simply take off the gear cover, slide the pinion gear into mesh with the spur gear, and tighten the screw mounting the motor. Use threadlock too. Overall, the rustler is great for a beginner, and will not be boring to an experienced rc enthusiast.


My friend love this thing. It is awesome to have a touring car, rally car is even cooler, but unfortunately this car cannot be converted. He really likes the power and acceleration, its also super fast. Handling is neat and 4wd was new to us. He got some rocks in the belt and got it mest up so he took out the front diff and just did rear wheel drive. It was in a kit and was pretty build. It cost Aprox: $200 with just the kit, no body! Its very "pro". Together his truck costs like $800. Including FM radio. He got a HPI Porsche 911 turbo. He painted it some metallic blue. It has tons of punch and very hard to drive, has survivor push. It's hard to control for beginners you need lots of practice to get it right. For something more simple. Go with a cheaper sport car.


I got this about a year after I got my MT10M. I loved it. That professional look and style. It was my first R/C I had to build so it was fun to see how all that stuff fit together. I found a huge speed and handling difference from my MT10M. It was definitely different and that was great for me. It is so fun to race that truck around and tell everyone that this was a truck used in pro. Races. I also love to jump this thing!! It never turned on its lid now matter how bad I hit the jump. Sometimes it even did back flips and that was awesome to think how much power it had!!! This truck is definitely a great truck. If you want speed and handling get this truck. It isn't as durable as my MT10M but its durable enough. If you don't have much R/C experience I wouldn't suggest this truck because it is a little more advanced and it takes a little more maintenance than beginner trucks.

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