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A little about Full FX

FullFX car and truck club was started over 3 years ago. We are a club that travels to custom shows throughout the east coast. We are an outgoing group of people, that like to show off our rides, party and meet new members. Our members are located throughout Maryland. All of our rides are Show Stoppers. We are always helping each other out with new modifications and maintenance on our vehicles. FullFX is all about team work, having fun and friendship. FullFX is more than just a car club. We are always helping each other out with new modifications and maintenance on our vehicles or even helping each other obtain a merchant cash advance to buy parts or make modifications on these beautiful cars

The receiver and servo are under the upper deck for protection and low center of gravity. The ESC is on the upper deck to get maximum airflow. Its offset to one side so the motor can also get some air flow. Every part of this was built for a reason. It is longer so i can have everything as long to the chassis as possible for best handling. Dual batteries are hooked up for maximum runtime but can be hooked for max speed! But the ESC doesnt handle that, that well. I need to change the Spur gear and maybe make a new motor mount so its more square with the spur. Its made with 1/8in aluminum. Very strong stuff and the upper deck helps to strenghten the whole thing. I may go back and drill some holes to make it lighter! Like holes under the batteries and stuff like on an e-maxx. I'll weight it soon.


Well it shouldn't be hard. With snow chains it would take a little more. All you need to do is bend some 12 gauge wire in a circle around the wheel. Then you use the bigger 8guage wire too hook up to the 12guage. So it will be just like snow chains but at the ends of the wire you just bend a loop and put the circler 12guage wire threw that loop and it should stay find. If it wants to slide then you might need hot glue or tie wraps or just try to wrap the 12guage wire to the other wire differently.


Heat Engines

A heat engine operates off heat to do work and then eliminates the unusable heat through an exhaust system. The first and second laws of thermodynamics restrict the operation of a heat engine. The first law directly applies the conservation of energy principle to the system, while the second law restricts the efficiency of the machine before determining the direction of energy flow. For instance, automobile engines operates in cycles by adding heat during the first phase of the cycle and then uses that energy to do useful work in the second phase of the cycle.


The second law of thermodynamics also dictates that any cyclic process will increase the entropy or keep it at a steady rate. Entropy is defined as a state variable, whereby its change is characterized by a reversible process at “T,” and where “Q” is the absorbed heat source. Entropy is also a measure of unavailable energy used to do work. Entropy is a measure of a disorderly system. In addition, entropy is a measure of the multiplicity of a system. Entropy disseminates relevant information about the evolution of an isolated system over time. It directs the direction of the “time's arrow.” If a system appears disorderly at two different times, then it could implicate that this state evolved later in time. In terms of an isolated system, the natural flow of events brings the system into a disorderly, or higher entropy, state.

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